My name is Devon I moved to Flagstaff in June of 2019, so I’m pretty new around town. My wife and I moved here to get out of the busy big city of Seattle. We chose Flagstaff for the small town feel, and we’ve made a great choice coming here.

We enjoy exploring the different types of landscapes in the area. We try and hike as much as we can. I like to snowboard, downhill mountain bike, ride my motorcycles, and do some off- roading occasionally.

I started my venture in tattooing in 2008. I apprenticed under Oak Morgan and completed in January of 2010. Oak taught me how to tattoo. I owe this man so much and am forever grateful. Later I moved to Carson City, Nevada and did an informal apprenticeship under Jeffery Williford. I learned more about art technique and color theory.

I’ve traveled so much doing guest spots and conventions and learned as much as I could from all those I’ve encountered. From all the different type of artists I’ve met, I’ve learned how to do a lot of different styles. I’m no master of any, but I definitely have my own way of doing things. I enjoy tattooing all styles and am always looking to learn more. I would say Neo Traditional is my favorite, however I do all styles. I just enjoy tattooing, I’m not super picky about what I get to tattoo. I love doing large scale tattoos, there’s something about building designs and problem solving them for a custom fit, there’s a high level of satisfaction for me to complete large projects. Watching them start as lines and then seeing the end result. I love this craft, and I’m very lucky to be able to do what I do. Coming up on a decade, I’m just happy to still be here, and I’m still learning everyday and I think that’s what makes this craft so great. I will continue to learn what I can to make better tattoos in the future.

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