I was born in Durango, Mexico but Flagstaff, Arizona is what I call home and have called home from a young age. Three Brother’s, two sisters along with myself are the lovely headaches that our parents deal with.

I fell in love with art as a kid watching my brothers draw, I would ask them to teach me and being the youngest at that time they would ignore me and not take me serious, times have changed, now they ask me for art and it just makes me smile as I think back. Art was the main reason to attend school from elementary to some community collage classes, I was the type of person that would forget his math homework in school but take the painting I was working on home to finish.

I remember the day my brothers came home with tattoos, that was the first time I had a close look at a new canvas and my mind just started running and I asked myself if I could do this? It took me a few years to answer myself that question and now I know that the possibilities are endless with dedication and hard work, so that’s what I do I dedicate time and effort into every tattoo that is do from the simple to the complex as in artist I believe you have to treat them with the same amount of respect and professionalism.

I’m the type of person that looks at life for inspiration and every person I encounter as teachers for my artwork, every tattoo I do as a way to better myself and skills

Thanks to the Avail family for the opportunity to work next to not only great artist but even better people. I look forward to meeting new people and listening to the stories behind the tattoos to keep serving my hometown of flagstaff and helping the community in being a respectful and professional artist.

I hope to be a good role model to my two amazing and beautiful daughters Who i hope I make proud with what I do, to be a more than a good husband to my lovely and caring wife who is the person that holds me up when I feel like going down.

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