I come from a family of many artists but I am the first to tattoo in my family. After receiving my first tattoo at the age of 18 I fell in love with everything about something i knew nothing about. I was determined to study whatever I could get my hands (tattoo wise). I hung out at a local shop and asked a lot of questions about anything I could think of. I continued to get tattoos then later I learned about tattoo flash. I taught myself to spitshade and built up a portfolio. The search for an apprenticeship was never ending, the stress of finding someone to find me worthy enough of all this hidden information, was just as stressful as when I finally found a shop that saw something in me. Its been a long journey and im grateful for the hard times I had to endure. I have met many amazing artists and give thanks to everyone that has helped me learn and who will help me continue to learn.

Im from Arizona and so is my family. I have a daughter named Dakota and a lovely Girlfriend named Ashley, who has encouraged me and stuck by my side thru the struggle that is far from over.

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