I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. My interest in art began in early childhood. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and always knew I’d be an artist when I grew up. After high school, Iattended some college at NAU, and then changed the plan, and instead began a piercing apprenticeship in Flagstaff in 2001. Once completed, I moved back to Phoenix to work as a piercer at Ace Tattoo and this is where I met Josh Nelson, and he eventually took me on as a tattoo apprentice. During my apprenticeship, Josh shared his unique expertise in the art of tattooing with me. In 2003 I moved back to Flagstaff and bought Tat-Fu Tattoo. Around this time, I began to take painting more seriously. I began with watercolor and acrylic and in 2009 I discovered oil painting and have focused on this medium ever since. I approach tattooing in the same way I paint; considering perspective, color theory, and layering to achieve a unique surrealist effect. Owning Tat-Fu Tattoo provided endless opportunities and experience. It survived three different Flagstaff locations and seventeen years. Ultimately when the time was right, I closed the business to pursue other artistic endeavors and to focus on having more time with my family. Through this crazy journey I grew my family, and I am now married to my best friend and partner in crime, and I have two intelligent and compassionate daughters. In addition to my family at home, I am happy to have recently joined the Avail Tattoo family and I am looking forward to what is coming next in my adventure.

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